What takes you back to the carefree memories of childhood? Maybe it’s a bite of a Charleston Chew, working your way through a roll of NECCO Wafers, or a mouthful of Pop Rocks. Perhaps it is a cold swig of A&W Root Beer or Orange Crush. 

Find such classic treats at Zoom Soda & Candy. Indulge in our selection of international bars, including: Aero, Mars, Crunchie, Flake and Curly Wurly. Enjoy delicious bites of licorice, taffy, sour or regular gummies, chocolates and a variety of wrapped candy. Or try our locally made caramels and toffee.

Thirsty? Our glass bottled sodas include classics like Grape Nehi, Cheerwine, and Bubble Up, as well as regionally bottled sodas from around the United States. We even stock Ramune from Japan. Many of our sodas are made with cane sugar - a difference you will appreciate!

The simple taste of a glass bottled soda or classic candy unlocks great memories for us. We think the same holds true for you. Come rediscover your old favorites – and make some new ones!

Visit us often, as our candy and soda selections are ever changing.  Like us on Facebook for updates about sweet new arrivals.

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